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Olympus KeyMed based in Southend pioneered the world’s first endoscopy training course nearly 30 years ago and the company’s commitment to customer training is stronger than ever.  Olympus KeyMed currently supports approaching 200 training courses held in hospitals around the UK.
By informing you of existing and new courses, the Education Sector should provide the basic information to enable you to delve deeper to source information geared to your specific educational requirements.
Clinical Courses/Seminars:
This category includes courses and seminars, which are hosted at various hospitals throughout the UK.  Covering all areas of endoscopy and aimed at different levels of ability, these popular training aids assist in providing a better understanding of new medical procedures, equipment and accessories, together with developing the delegates’ knowledge and understanding of already established techniques.
From smaller groups of delegates for ’hands-on’ training to larger lecture based theory and demonstration courses, well respected and experienced faculty offer their professional opinion and expertise.
Equipment Care Courses:
Courses, which fall within this category (NTC’s), are held at Olympus Keymed head office in Southend-on-Sea and predominately target nurses and technicians.  These particular courses run with a view to either introduce or widen the knowledge of the delegates’ understanding of the most up-to-date and reliable techniques in care, maintenance, tips & techniques and disinfection for use of their endoscopic equipment. 
With the increase of awareness in the risks of cross-infection and the need to update techniques in endoscopic procedures, guest speakers are invited to present at these training courses, offering a wide range of expertise and first hand experiences.  Ultimately a cost effective way of prolonging the life of your equipment, these generic training courses have been running at KeyMed since 1970 and have evolved through popular demand and recommendation, into a highly educational experience.
There are many courses of varying types detailed within the sections above - it is important to read the summary of each course and absorb the literature available, but importantly, listen to first hand recommendations to ensure the correct choice is made.
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