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EndoExtra T.R.U.E Surgical Service will free you from the worries of managing your equipment needs. EndoExtra will leave you feeling confident that your equipment is in the best possible working order. You will be able to work with the peace of mind that repairs will be dealt with quickly and to original equipment manufacturer’s specification. Cost-effective solutions are available whether you choose to Trade-In, Repair, Upgrade, or Exchange your equipment with EndoExtra.

Trade-In your old or damaged non-Olympus equipment and benefit from a discount on a new instrument.

Unique High-Definition optics, distortion-free lenses, and five-year autoclave guarentees are some of the features available with Olympus Telescopes, and that’s not all...

Accidents happen and it’s reassuring to know that our 10mm HD laparoscopes are supplied with a one-year unconditional guarentee. No matter what damage is incurred or how it happened, the scope will be repaired free of charge. All servicing and transport costs are covered. This means that for the first year of this instrument’s life, no costs whatsoever are incurred (Except damage resulting from SEAC advice).


For all minor servicing requirements our purpose-built Technical Services Centre ensures your telescope continues to operate like new.

Call our Technical Services Help Desk on 01702 616333 to register your telescopes and arrange free-of-charge collection.

Once we have received your telescope, we will put it through our stringent decontamination processes to ensure health and safety standards are maintained. Following decontamination, one of our highly skilled quality control technicians will assess the condition of you telescope in order to diagnose the exact problem - this will enable us to offer you the best advice based on the assessment of the scope in question.

As soon as you authorise the Repair, the telescope will be repaired and despatched to you within three working days.

Just to give you that extra peace of mind, it’s worth noting that all Olympus KeyMed telescope Repairs are covered by a one-year warranty against materials failure and faulty workmanship. We only use original Olympus-manufactured spare parts and our technicians are trained to the hightest standards to that your repaired telescope will provide you with the finest optical quality - after all, it’s what you’ve paid for.


The upgrade solution allows you to purchase a fully remanufactured telescope, at a discount, featuring the very latest technology, instead of having to repair your existing Olympus telescope.

All telescopes come with a five-year autoclave guarantee and our 10mm HD laparoscopes are supplied with a one-year unconditional guarentee.

To take advantage of the exciting Upgrade option, all you need do is phone our Technical Service Help Desk on 01702 616333 to arrange the return of your telescope.

Following the assessment of the telescope a quotation will be sent to you within 24 hours, detailing the cost of the Upgrade. Then simply Upgrade by placing a purchase order and you will receive your Upgrade telescope within 24 hours  (subject to availability).


For all major repairs, the Exchange option allows you to purchase a fully remanufactured telescope rather than repair your existing model. It offers you a hassle-free way of keeping the same type of telescope but at a significant discount plus a five-year autoclave guarantee.

Call our Technical Services Help Desk on 01702 616333 in order to arrange the return of your telescope and, following the assessment of the equipment, you will receive a quote within 24 hours detailing the cost of the Exchange. Then place a purchase order and you will receive your replacement product again within 24 hours (subject to availability).

For further information, please contact endoextra@keymed.co.uk
Olympus KeyMed is based in Southend-on-Sea
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