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Since Olympus KeyMed’s inception over 30 years ago, the availability of loan equipment, while customer’s instrumentation is being repaired, has been a cornerstone of its after-sales service.
In a busy endoscopy unit the availability of loan instrumentation is critical to the smooth running of the department and to avoid increased waiting lists.
Olympus KeyMed’s current loan inventory is valued at over £9,500,000, and is provided completely free of charge to users who are returning their own units for service or repair.  Transportation costs for loan equipment are also covered by Olympus  KeyMed, as is any service or repair work required following loan.
Olympus KeyMed has signed Master Indemnity Agreements A and B with NHS PaSA (reference IFA284 & IFB284), Welsh Health Supplies (reference IFA284(W) & IFB284(W)), and Scottish Healthcare Supplies (reference 061/97), so the provision of KeyMed loan equipment is indemnified in accordance with governmental requirements.
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After-Sales Service
To request a loan instrument, please call our Loan Equipment Manager on 01702 616333, or tick the appropriate box on the on-line notification form when you advise us of the return of an instrument. Olympus KeyMed is based in Southend-on-Sea
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