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Olympus BF-UC260FW

The introduction by Olympus of the 
BF-UC260F-OL8 ultrasonic bronchoscope in 2005 highlighted the advantage of ultrasound guidance during TBNA procedures in enhancing staging of the mediastinum in lung cancer.

As part of its commitment to developing the range of endobronchial ultrasound tools available to the clinician, Olympus has more recently introduced a second ultrasonic bronchoscope, compatible with the highly sophisticated Aloka ProSound Alpha 10 and Aloka ProSound Alpha 5 , in addition to the Olympus EU-ME1 universal EUS processor.

The BF-UC260FW provides clear visualisation of a dedicated echogenic aspiration needle under ultrasound imaging, confirming the position of the needle tip during TBNA procedures.  Furthermore, the Doppler facility allows blood flow conditions to be checked before puncturing. 

In comparison to conventional TBNA or mediastinoscopy, EBUS-TBNA’s combination of maximum reliability and minimum invasiveness is expected to make it the biopsy method of choice for more accurate diagnosis and staging of lung cancer.

Endoscopic Specifications:
  • 6.9mm distal end outer diameter
  • 6.3mm insertion tube outer diameter
  • 600mm working length
  • 2.2mm channel diameter
  • 120°/90° up/down angulation


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